Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Devant 50" iTV630 Smart 3D Review

Devant iTV630 Smart 3D Review
by: archaznable
Here’s just a quick review of the TV that I’ve got. Well finally I’ve upgraded my 4 or 5 years old LCD the LG 32LH70YR. At first thing is that the choices that I want for my next TV are those in Samsung, LG, and Sony and I've been torn between choosing whether a plasma or an LED. And also I only have a 60k budget for a TV. It really serves me well we have watched a lot of movies and animes and we also played a lot of games. The TV replacement that I’ve got was the Devant iTV630 it’s a 50” Smart 3D TV and I never have thought that I would have bought a huge TV and it really fits well inside my room dub as my mancave. The TV was really superb and I hope that I didn’t got the lemon unit or else I would go nuts. Because I’ve saved up a lot for 3 months just to get my dream TV.

The TV was really good and it packs a lot of good features that every smart TV has. I think I’m going to classify this as a mid range affordable Smart 3D TV. Why I classify this as a midrange is because of its size equals the price of the TV. I’ve got this TV for around 58900 pesos why because I only got the unit and the two free 3D glasses. The regular price of this TV is 89000 where in you can get a free 32” LEDTv, a Home Theater speakers, and a 3D Bluray Player. I’ve asked the salesperson if I could get the unit only and slash the price down for the TV unit. Why I don’t want the freebies with the TV is that I already have a Home Theater, and I already had my old 32 LCD and I already have my PS3 as my game entertainment hub.

The TV size was enormous and it is a 50” the style of the TV was really elegant the bezel of the TV was just an inch thin.  It has a lot of connections for the TV and there’s no shortage of connection for your other devices that you would want to hook up in your TV.

The Connection of the TV is as follows:

3x USB
1x LAN
1x Coaxial
2x ANT
1x AV/Out
1x AV/Component
1x VGA
1x VGA/Audio In
1x Head Phone

I’m not that kind of techie when in terms of reviewing Picture Quality of a TV for me I’m just a regular tv watcher that when I’m just strolling around the mall and see the gorgeous huge TV. I feel in love with it for the first time and my eyes are just fix on that TV and I’ve already think twice or thrice and decided that I would get the TV and I did.

So for me Picture Quality of this TV was good and fine and it was really bright. The biggest feature of this TV was the 3D functionality where in you can convert to 3D with just a flick of a button in your remote. Even though you are watching local channels you can switch it to 3D and suit up your 3D glasses. In 3D mode you can actually control the deepness of the 3D and you can also set it up if you like the conversion side by side, left or right, etc.

Another good feature of this TV is that it has the functionality of a wifi where in you can watch youtube, and it also has a build in browser where you can surf the internet. The TV came in with 5 apps that you can use it already on the fly. The 5 apps were Youtube, DLNA, Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, and Web Browser. The TV also has a built in media player where in you can play your .mkv movie files but sadly I haven’t test the built in media player since I already have my HTPC hook up on it so I have no time in setting or testing the media player of the tv. Sadly the TV doesn’t have a PiP or Picture in Picture I don’t think that PiP is really necessary anymore in modern TV.

The TV that came in has two free 3D shutter glasses the 3D glasses is really good and I think its very durable. The feature of the 3D glasses is that it has a micro USB that you can charge in on any of the USB port. Also it doesn’t have batteries where in you can charge it anytime that you want with it. It also has an auto on/off function. Plus the 3D glasses are wireless.  

So here's the specification of tv itself .. 

Screen Size 50"
Design Fine Black with Silver Sparkle
Web Browser Yes
Facebook Yes
YouTube Yes
Twitter Yes
Picasa Yes
3D Yes
2D to 3D conversion Yes
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Display Resolution FULL HD (1920x1080)
Contrast Ratio 3,000,000:1
Brightness 500 cd/m2
Viewing Angles (H/V) 178º / 178º
Response Time 6ms
Digital Comb Filter Yes
Vivid Motion 120Hz
Antenna Input 1x (NTSC)
Composite AV Input x2
Component Video Input x1
L/R Audio for Component x1
VGA x1
Audio Input for VGA x1
Audio Video Output N/A
USB 2.0 File Support JPEG, MP3, MKV
HDMI Input x3
Headphone Jack x1
Built-in ISDB-T receiver Yes
Audio System M/N
Equalizer Yes
Surround Sound System Yes
Audio Output Power 10Wx2
Invisible Speakers Yes
OSD Language Eng/Fre/Spa/Por
Zoom Yes
Sleep Timer - 120mins Yes
Power Requirements AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 130W
Standby Power <1W
Net/Gross Weight 24Kg / 28Kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) w/ Base 1150 x 285 x 745mm
Dimensions (WxHxD) w/o Base 1150 x 56x 688mm
Package Size 1269 x 155 x 863mm
Warranty 2 Years
User Manual Yes
Remote Control Yes
Wall Bracket Yes
Active 3D Glasses Yes
WIFI dongle Yes

Overall The TV was great and really awesome it’s the first time that I have a 50” and I never have thought that I could buy a huge TV with a Smart functionality and a 3D in my room. So I'm really happy with my purchase. I would give this a score of 9/10 I would suggest this TV for those who wanted to experience the affordable Smart 3D TV on a 50" scale.

You can check out the Devant site for other great TV's that they have .. happy viewing.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another one of my drawings

Here's another one of my drawing creations I'm digging deeper on one of my treasure folder to see if I still save some of the drawings that I've created. As you can see on the date it was still on 2008 that I've created this.

Here are some of the Mech's that I drew

Here's some of the Mech's that I drew way back in 2008 and it's already 4 years since I drew another mecha.

Some Aircraft that I design

Here's another one that I made ...

Here are some of the aircraft that I design. For here I just use the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop and then follow the lines where you want to design for an aircraft. The put some stroke on it like with a 2x pixel for it and then the position is on the inside. 

Some of the characters that I drew

Here's another one of my Graphic Works ...

Here are some of the characters that I drew I'm really poor in drawing human figures well I guess gonna practice more. There was a saying that practice really makes perfect but that depends on the person who really gives the passion to what he or she is doing. Same here on the preview post that I have posted.  I drew it straight using a Wacom Tablet and straight to Adobe Photoshop CS5.  

Here are some of my hobby graphic works

HERE are SOME of my Graphic art Works ... 

Well here's some of my Graphic works ... it's just a little bit of hobby of mine I love to draw a lot. For here I've been using my small Wacom Tablet and then drawing it using Adobe Photoshop CS5. I like to draw a lot of vehicle's and some mecha's because I love watching mecha animes like Gundams, Xabungle, and Vi-Fam. Those are some of my favorites anime of all time.

About My Blog

Since I no longer have my own site I decided to use free blogging service lol talk about cheapo. Well I will be putting some of my graphic design works here and this will become my portfolio hub