Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My First Drawing for 2013

Here's my first drawing of the year 2013 I started to draw again this time I've used the technique and the real power of the Pen-tool. Once you have set up your sketch in your main layer make another layer and above it that's where you will draw or ink on what you have sketched below. Make your main layer opacity up to just 50% so it will be easy for you to trace up your sketch up. After that grab your pen-tool and start to follow the line of your sketch. After you follow the line of your sketch hit on right click of your mouse but don't forget to set your brush to your desired liking. And once you right click on your mouse choose the stroke path un-click the simulate pressure and then on the tool you select brush and then hit enter. Hope this small trick will make your photoshopping skills to the next level. Enjoy and have fun drawing.

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